About us

The Team of the Institute for Lung Research / iLung

Here you can find information about the people, our environment and facilities, our publications, and job opportunities.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of clinical and basic science researchers of the German Center for Lung Research located at the Philipps-University Marburg and the University Medical Center UKGM. We want to elucidate lung inflammation in infection, allergy, and smoking related diseases, by cell- and molecular biology, clinical research, and bioinformatics/systems biology. Our physicians take care of patients with lung diseases at the university medical center.

We have a well-equipped BSL-2 lab suite for infection biology and immunology work within a state-of-the-art biomedical research center housing animal facilities, radionuclide facilities, and laboratories for highly infective pathogens (BSL3 and BSL4). We are part of collaborative research centers, and work together with Charité Medical School, Berlin, University of Giessen Lung Center, Max-Planck Institutes, and the Loewe-Center for Synthetic Microbiology. Marburg has a charming university town with a medieval city center situated in a picturesque landscape.


The Institute for Lung Research staff in
July 2015:

Back row from left to right: Prof. Bernd Schmeck, Kerstin Hoffmann, Anna Lena Jung, Marina Aznaourova, Dr. Evelyn Vollmeister, André Wesener, Stephan Ringshandl

Middle row from left to right: Marc-Alexander Oestreich, Dr. Wilhelm Bertrams, Dr. Leon Schulte

Front row from left to right: Marlene Schenck zu Schweinsberg, Nadine Siebert, Dr. Kerstin Seidel, Christina Herkt, Isabell Weigand, Dr. Christina Stielow, Dr. Nicoletta Scheller